A DIY Uncrustable, Kid Lunch Edn.

Well, kids are back in school and I'm working to figure out new things for Frankie's lunch.  Remember seeing those peanut butter and jelly pockets on tv called uncrustables?  While discussing this odd food during dinner, I was wincing and Frankie was wriggling with delight over the thought of them.  After I tried a version of my own...

using a ravioli press, some wheat bread and some intense muscle power with a rolling pin, I failed miserably.  I made squashed bread with oozing fillings.  It looked even worse than this picture by the time I finished.

Then, Frankie helped.  I needed to "clamp down the side of the sandwich."  Hmm. Here's how it went once she jumped in to help.

First I layered the peanut butter on both sides, that is peanut butter, jelly and peanut butter.  This double layer protocol insures no sogginess of the bread.  I layered the pieces together and Frankie took me through the "clamping."

Using a butter knife as a blunt rod, each side of each of the compartments holding the pb&j were pressed until the bread was mashed together and flat.  I then took the pizza roller and trimmed the crusts and separated the units.

Each side of the sandwich was then reclamped thusly.  Notice the complete absence of oozing.

Each side reclamped, trimmed, inspected, wrapped and placed in a ziploc bag.  I tossed it in the bag with some veggies, a Ferrero Rocher and a bunch of other crap and she was off to school clam happy.  I was ecstatic not to see the uneaten sandwich return. I hope it wasn't traded for enimens (m & m s).