A Shrine to the Almighty Weber

ganesha kettle
The God of the Kettle

Behold, the godly force guiding my kettle's thermal control. I had a stellar brisket run this weekend. I've never done one very well before. I cooked my 4 lb baby fat side up for 12 hours at 200°F, then turned it up a notch and cooked it 5 hours at 240-260°F to a finished internal of 185-190°. I wrapped it for an hour while I clobbered the family in Scrabble. Zag is a word you know.

The brisket was sublime. After being sliced, it seemed to taste more like roast beef than brisket. Not fork tender, still had some texture; damn good. I'm a dedicated pulled pork fan, so my palate for brisket isn't too well developed. I think it was good though.

Too bad the dog's stomach didn't tolerate it so well. I will not provide details. Below is a pic of the succulence that was the highlight of our dinner.

17 hr Brisket