We never waste greens

greensCommon problem: you plant a bunch of greens and suddenly you can't keep up with the green leafies. The just take over.

Our mix this year had a high mustard green content and the resulting salads tended to be hot. Like, horseradish hot. Wicked hot. So, the other day, having a simple meal of ham 'n beans we needed something green. I mowed these babies down, washed them and simply sauteed them using a bit of olive oil and tossed in the leaves still moist from washing. I usually have a couple garlic slivers in the oil but forgot this time and just seasoned them with a bit of salt. I sauteed the vibrant greens for about 10 minutes and were they good. And, a huge batch of fresh greens condense in the pan to a small lump when cooked. Very tasty way to take care of the overgrown garden.


Shrooms 'n Tofu

shrooms_n_tofuMushrooms and tofu?

Saturday night the family and I made the mistake of being lured into a meal full of fried "seafood". One of those things you do when you're starving but regret immediately after the feeding frenzy is over. The memory of this meal needed to go away. We probably needed to fast a couple days but instead, decided to eat something reasonably healthy. Once I made it through the night, my apetite eventually came back and I got an urge for grilled mushrooms and tofu of all things (while chasing Frankie around the Zoo).

This meal turned out better than I expected and was trivial to prepare. I used extra firm tofu (1 lb.) sliced in 1/4" thick rectangles and cut the Portobello caps in half (6 of them). All the pieces were placed in a big bowl and to this added about 3T sesame oil, 2T soy sauce and about 2T rice wine vinegar and let it all marinate about 3 hours at room temp. The bowl was swirled several times to get the marinade mixed and redistributed several times during the 3 hours. Everything was grilled on my faithful Weber Q for 20 minutes onlow heat and everything was flipped once. The tofu held up well during the grilling. I served this with some basmati cooked in chicken broth. I think the only thing I would've changed is using a bit more soy and adding scallions to the marinade.