crispy great northern bean snacks

Last night I  met friends for happy hour snacks at The Rossi and nibbled appetizers from Chef Heaggans.  I loved the chickpeas!  Yearning for more, I recall waaaay back in this blog a post I  did on baked cannellini beans, not the same at all as Matt's treat but enough to keep me sated between visits (and there will be many more visits).

I'm reposting this recipe because the old post has a broken image link.

I used great northern beans, canned.  The beans get drained and rinsed.  Then  tossed with a small bit of olive oil,  salt and paprika then tossed in an oven at 325F convection for about an hour.  They pop into crunch snacks that remind me of popcorn.  I store them out on the counter uncovered so  they won't loose their crispiness.  Not sure if that's necessary.  Try these!

 Great northern canned beans drained, rinsed, spiced and placed on parchment in a baking pan.
After an hour at 325F convection.  Popped and ready to munch.