It's almost March, Pizza Grand Prix is just around the corner

I'm training for Wild Goose Creative's Pizza Grand Prix in March, the brainchild of Jim; I'm entering a pizza.

Here's my schedule.

1. Repair my launch pad. I have a mini patio for my Firedome, v 2.0 that needs some fixing. I'm nearly in traction after my work on that today; swinging a pickaxe and everthing. I ache. Got about another day's work and my pad will be finished.

2. Got a new heavy duty, very industrial-looking stand made for my kettle mod. It too needs a few hours work to finish. It's serious-as-shit looking.

3. Finally, some cooking runs:
a. Only hitting a consistent 650-750°F during past runs. In an attempt to get near 1,000°F, I'll be trying a hugely larger air intake from a modified lower kettle.
b. I'll be trying lump instead of briquettes.
c. I need a more thermally resistant cooking surface. Going to 5th Ave to a tile place to find a thicker stone.

Lots of work ahead. Keep you posted on results.