It's almost March, Pizza Grand Prix is just around the corner

I'm training for Wild Goose Creative's Pizza Grand Prix in March, the brainchild of Jim; I'm entering a pizza.

Here's my schedule.

1. Repair my launch pad. I have a mini patio for my Firedome, v 2.0 that needs some fixing. I'm nearly in traction after my work on that today; swinging a pickaxe and everthing. I ache. Got about another day's work and my pad will be finished.

2. Got a new heavy duty, very industrial-looking stand made for my kettle mod. It too needs a few hours work to finish. It's serious-as-shit looking.

3. Finally, some cooking runs:
a. Only hitting a consistent 650-750°F during past runs. In an attempt to get near 1,000°F, I'll be trying a hugely larger air intake from a modified lower kettle.
b. I'll be trying lump instead of briquettes.
c. I need a more thermally resistant cooking surface. Going to 5th Ave to a tile place to find a thicker stone.

Lots of work ahead. Keep you posted on results.


Unknown said...

I will be watching your progress closely. Good luck!

Andrew said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with. Once you perfect this, can I pay you to rig mine up the same?

Dave said...

Thanks Mike! Cold weather's killing me. The ground isn't cooperating with my mini patio project.

Hey Andrew. I'll keep it in mind. Find me a good tough surface that will hold up and we'll barter.

CMH Gourmand said...

There will be a prize for the Homemade Pizza contest and some cool judges!

How about a beer entry for Beecamp - click her to see what the buzz is about -


Dave said...

Thanks for the link Jim. I thought I had a candidate for beer camp, but my effort was thwarted with chill haze. I'll be trying to cobble a last minute entry together for the contest.