flatbreads, yogurt dough

This is a great dough with only a few ingredients that's great for a flatbread that can be made in a few minutes out of the fridge.  It uses 2% fat greek-style yogurt, I've been using Fage.  It's a tight dough, not sticky, so it's easy to work with.  It's also easy to push into a disc with just hands, I don't use a rolling pin.  The method I use to cook them is stove top according to this post (or you can do them in the oven like in this post).

The dough is simple, mix 2% Fage yogurt 100 g, water 50 g, salt 3 g, instant active yeast 1 t, unbleached white flour 150 g (ca. 1 scant C).  I have also recently used a mix of yogurt 70 grams and ricotta 30 grams in this same dough.  It was pretty amazing.

Mix by machine or by hand, let rise about a half hour at room temp and toss in fridge.  Use up to 5 days later.  To bake, remove from fridge, portion dough into 4 pieces, round them, squish into ca. 6" discs using flour to keep from sticking.  Bake according to one of the methods linked above.

After a few minutes in the pan and a minute or so flipped, I toss it directly on the gas burner.  The first side cooked in the pan goes toward the fire first.  Most of the time, it puffs up.
Keep them on the burner until they get as charred or as light as you want.  Kids tend to not like the char, adults, given their tendency to being crushed under the pressures of life, appreciate the dark ashen bits.

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