I Have It

For as long as the Weber_cam has been in existence (plus about 15 years prior to its launch), I've been damn close to reproducibly baking a baguette that would rival some of the best French bakers. Not an artisan loaf derived from carefully nurtured natural yeasts; a quick loaf with a good crust (for the adults), soft tender inside (for the kids) and neutral enough in flavor to accompany any food perfectly.

It is here.

I'm just thinking about when I'll have time to present it in its entirety. I'd like to produce something like the Pizza piece, but I'm still organizing things. Frankie introduces an element that complicates things as well. She's a rowdy kid and I can't just fuss obsessively with photos and stuff while I'm putting together a loaf - so it might be a while. But I do like to share and hopefully, someday, you'll all be taking a shot at this awesome creation in the comfort of your own kitchen.

(ps I've corrected some of my awefully placed apostrophes, thanks my love)