Firedome v 2.0, details soon

I'm usually holding my kettle like Kwai Chang Caine, but I had to take this shot.

5 minutes to dinner time

Today I fired up my 2nd version of my modified kettle/pizza oven - again. Instead of annealing the crust to the clay, the configuration worked swimmingly. The top half is the normal Firedome, but the bottom hemisphere has a 8" diameter hole in it to increase air flow. I used briquettes and it cooked top and bottom identically. My thermocouple malfunctioned and I didn't get any dome temps, but the cooking surface was about 630°F. It was a nice pizza and salad night.

I think the last failed run was a fluke. Next run is lump and, shy of using a leaf blower to increase combustion, I think I maxed on temperature. I'm thrilled with the results, but a tad disappointed I couldn't get to 1000+F.

Kwai Chang Caine
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