petite brioche

In four acts, here's our breakfast brioche. Recipe is here, only this time I baked at 375°F and used half white wheat and half unbleached white. I like all unbleached white better. This time I was testing out my mini parchment scheme. It worked swimmingly. Despite the yolk glaze dripping below to the bottom of the breads, no stick to the paper. All popped out. Here's a few images of the morning.

The dough had been in the fridge yesterday and taken out last night at 11 to warm up all night on the counter. The dough was scaled to 60 gram pieces, rounded and plopped in for a 20 minute proof.

After their proof, a painted yolk glaze.

After about 25 minutes at 375°F.

Inside they're very tender. Still, all unbleached white would be better. After all, there is nothing healthy about these.
Wouldn't these be a killer bun for sliders?