Dear Megan's Father, we're not worthy

it's wonderful

Our depression era behavior toward consumption of gifts is irrational.  We have unconsumed: a 750 of Rockmill Brewery's Dubbel, 10 or so ancient gift cards, a big juicy refectory GC, a Rioja that we might deed to Frankie, there are others.

Unlike gift cards, handcrafted food is a gift of oneself.  And, that person waits anxiously for the day when feedback arrives.  I know this too well, sometimes it hurts.  To hoard these treasures is cruel and unusual.

About two months ago, a friend generously gave us a package of prosciutto made by her father(!!).  Perfectly cured, perfectly sliced and perfectly vacuum wrapped.  It wasn't just the professional presentation of a rare delicacy, it was so well packaged, I thought we could keep it for nearly ever, and almost tried.  Prompted by the presentation of yet another batch of the delectable ham, we tore in to it and our expectations and desires were perfectly realized: texture, salt, everything, just perfect!  We're going to savor it and enjoy it slowly, but we are going to consume it, with not a trace uneaten.  We thank you and apologize for holding these comments hostage.

ps Stop by, even if you only have a few minutes next time in Columbus, a pizza only takes about 90 seconds.