Adventures in Deep Frying - II (Sweet Potato Crisps)

This Saturday, in addition to our simple turkey sandwich, we had a little decadent treat. Occassionally, I make a potato's worth of crisps. I slice the potatoes, skin on, using a mandoline slicer and deep fry them for about a minute. They're unbelievable and surprisingly, not greasy at all.

This time, being the depths of winter and all, I wanted a richer treat and used a sweet potato. I did these the same way. Sliced, skin on, using the mandoline and deep fried 'em. They didn't quite fry the same way a russet did. A russet fries fast, crisp and clean. Not so with the sweet potato slices. These took a bit longer to get crisp and never got quite as crunchy as the russets, but, lightly seasoned with kosher salt they were scrumptious.