focaccia or pizza

I'm not sure what differentiates a focaccia and pizza, especially in the states.  Ultimately, I don't care.  Here's a few shots of a focaccia I did recently and instead of a traditional salt and rosemary, I let my hair down and went nuts.

 About 1100 grams of 67% hydration dough (after a slow rise) enriched with milk, some olive oil and a little sugar.  Plopped in a 11 x 17" sheet liberally lubed with olive oil and allowed to ooze out to fill it.

 With wet fingers, I pushed it out the edges and dimpled the top.

 Some caremelized onions.

 A skim of tomato paste applied with an oil-moistened brush.  Then topped with shredded provolone, reggiano and a trace of coarse salt.  The top was drizzled liberally with olive oil.

Baked on a sheet at 375 for about 25 minutes.  Check out how cloud like the intereior is. Not sure if this a pizza, focaccia, sicilian style sheet pizza, but it's killer.  If you make one bread in your life, you need to make this.  It's a straight dough recipe (toss in everything at once).
Milk 100 g
Water 300 g
Olive oil 50 g
salt 10 g
sugar 10 g
unbleached white 600 g
Fleischmann's rapid yeast 7g
Spin it in a dough machine, let rise a couple hours, round it, plop it in a 11 x 17" sheet pan, proceed as above, add anything you want.  let rest about a half hour, top it, bake at 400 about 40 minutes.