fermented banana muffin

A banana muffin.  I practically fell asleep typing that.  Looking at a couple rotting bananas on my counter I  decided to try something.  I'm pretty sure someone on the internet did this already, but I was too lazy to go find it.

I peeled the two bananas and mashed them with a wooden spoon and added a ca. 1/8 teaspoon of yeast.  

After 12 hours, the mush had what looks like krausen on a batch of fermenting beer and the mixture was at least twice as voluminous as when I started. 

I stirred in the head to reveal this fizzing mass of fermentation.  I let it go until that night, total ferment about 24 hours.

I figured enough alcohol hadn't been produced for me to be interested in, so I made a mixture to use it in.  This mush was destined for muffins.  I creamed butter (50 g) in sugar (100 g), added some milk (ca. 15 g) and then blended in the banana mush.  I added to this flour (135 g), baking powder (1 t), baking soda (1 t) and salt (3 g) and some allspice because I was too lazy to find the cinnamon that Frankie had taken for mixing in her line of cosmetics.  

I plopped the mix in little parchment cups and baked them at 350F for 30 minutes, internal about 198F, probably a tad too much.  But soft on top, nice volume, texture good.  Not sure they're any better than regular, but kind of a fun experiment.