Basic Foods: Authority Posts

Too often I want a quick prep and don't want to read - I just want to cook.  My goto places are: Ruhlman's Ratio, SimplyRecipes.com by Elise, 101CookBooks.com, CookingLight.com and a few others.

Additionally, I decided to tally up my favorite foods and posts for future reference.  The following preps have become part of my family's repertoire of staple foods.  Feel free to suggest more in the comments.  I'll keep adding to this over time (it's a sloppy alphabetic listing).

Bacon Manifesto by Andrew, a well-read and adventurous chef 
Cauliflower roasted with Israeli couscous 
French Fries by Kenji (haven't been able to reproduce yet, but looks promising)
Greens by @Twixlen 
Pulled Pork on a Weber Grill (instructables sequence) by grillmaster Mike