This one time I'll let you ask me about my affairs

Weekends are low 'n slow, proper fuel, execution, temperature monitoring - serious bbq.  Weekdays are a bit different.  We pull a few shortcuts which we'd rather not disclose.  Shameful shortcuts.  But this one time, I'll share.

Tonight, I knew I'd get home a bit late, so I had the game plan rehearsed:

  • marinate chicken in spices and oil
  • make dipping sauce: yogurt, lemon juice, scant crushed garlic, tahini, salt, mint
  • chop, season and skewer vegetables 
  • confession: toss Match Light into kettle with a match - whooosh (sound of the ozone escaping)
  • skewer chicken (See those ultra cool saber-like Sadaf skewers?  Mediterranean Imports - the flat blade enables easier turning.)
  • grill direct with the top down
  • let cooked flesh rest
  • eat

Not  bad for a quick meal.  Served with some short grain brown rice.