A simple bread

Over the past year or so I spun into a frenzy in baking. I've pumped medium pressure steam into my oven via a hacked pressure cooker, premixed various additions into my flour, played with special pans (one an inverted aluminum gutter) and baking surfaces.  I actually have had only limited success.

In  preparation for a micro class tutorial, I decided on a simple loaf using common equipment, no convection oven, no balance, no microbalance, but counterintuitively using a fast yeast and long aging to impart ease and hopefully flavor.  I'll update this post with a fairly long sequence of pics so I can use it for future reference, but for now, this is a pretty solid daily loaf, ca. 1.1 pound, easily scaleable, easy to prep, slightly enriched, derived from a 67-70 hydration dough.