uttapam waffles

Sometime back I tried making uthappam.  From what I understand from co-workers, uthappam and dosa use the same batter but vary in thickness which is derived from the amount of water used to thin the batter.

The little pancakes were fun, but I wanted to see if there was any difference in taste if the utthapam had a different texture and took out the waffle iron, used the same formula for the batter:

basmati rice, 160 g
urad dal, 40 g
basmati and dal soaked in a total of 300 grams of water for about 8 hours.
pureed the mix in a wet grinder
added salt, 3 g
yeast, 1/4 t (I know, it's a cheat)

This mixture set for about 8 hours loosely covered in a bowl on the kitchen counter.  Next morning it was nice and puffy.  I took a scoop of batter and ladled it on to a well-preheated waffle iron and topped it with red onion, green onion and slivered serrano pepper.  The top eventually crunched down on the mixture and voila! A utthapam waffle.  We let them rest about 6 hours, warmed them up slightly and ate them with a raita.

Not sure if I'd make them again.  I think I like the pancake version better.  I did like how the toppings got cooked right in to the waffle.  This would make them much easier to take along as a snack.