Big grain waffles, a robust preparation

In matters of food and parenting, my favorite author is Mathew Amster-Burton (@Mamster, author of Hungry Monkey).  I don't have a quote, but he says not to try to hard to get your kid to try new foods, let their peers take care of it.  I like this advice and comply diligently.  I'd like to have a beer with him sometime (hey, if you're ever in Columbus ...).  In addition to the parenting wisdom, he describes a version of overnight yeasted waffles we've made for a long time now.

The only difference is I don't separate egg yolks/whites or beat whites or anything like that.  The only value I bring to this preparation is that I've tested it a gazillion times, used lots of different grain combinations and it always produces a surprisingly light, but grainy waffle.  My post is merely a validation of the prep.

The night before, mix:
butter, unsalted and melted, 114 grams (1 stick)
milk, any temperature any kind, 500 grams
salt, 5 g
sugar, 15 g
eggs, 2
dry active yeast, ca. 1/4 t
--and here's where it gets fun--
300 grams of grains
The only thing I make sure of is 100 grams of the grain bill is unbleached white (some fine white flour is necessary for structure in the final waffles), the rest can be any combination that adds up to 200 grams, e.g.
-spent grains from brewing - barley, rye, wheat (hydrated)
-coarse whole wheat flour
-rolled oats
-rye flakes
have fun

Mix all ingredients, cover the bowl with a dish towel and the next morning, just ladle it into your preheated waffle iron.  That's it.  Makes enough for 3-4 people and about a week's worth in the freezer - this recipe is pretty big.

We top them with everything, it's a blast.