Crackling crust experiment, failed.

Trying to make the elusive roll like the one on the right, and this baguette, I explored a boundary high humidity condition which was to be followed by dry baking.  I used the Baparoma which, in this case, is used like any poaching pan would be, and cooked a risen roll on top of the stove, much like bao would be made (catch that foreshadow).

Here's some images, 100 g dough balls, steamed 5 full minutes in heavy steam on the stove top (using a patch of parchment), then popping them into a 425F convection oven.  Although they came out nice and shiny, no crackling mosaic of a crust.  Still an interesting run.  Check out the middle image.  Pretty good rise of the steamed bun compared to the uncooked and proofed roll.

Click any of the images to enlarge.

 Dough balls, 100 g each, risen and ready for the stovetop steam tray.

 Steamed and shiny on the right, plumes of steam pouring off it.

After about 10 min in a convection oven at 425F.  Tasty, nice interior, but chewy crust like more like a bagel than a crackly roll.

Last night, I steamed a full 10 minutes with the same result. 

I'm trying this again with a lower temp dry oven.