crackly crust

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Bringing this post back to the top because it is one of my biggest obsessions in life.  I can't make it happen again.  Baparoma or not.  The right one is ethereal and elusive.  Damn you!  I'm returning to my philosophy MOOC to try to make sense of the world now.  Back in a while.

Original Post
Left derived from unbleached white 300 g, water 180 g, salt 5 g, Fleischmann's rapid 3 g.
Right is all that +7 g Crisco.  100 g dough balls cooked in a Baparoma with NO water in lower pan at 425F for 10 min covered and 10 min uncovered.  Pretty damn earth shattering wouldn't you agree?

The curious reader of this site will ask, why didn't I do this before?  The parameters at a glance: dough recipe (lean, but fat containing or not), bake on a sheet / tile / pan / steam pan / steam pan with or without  water in the reservoir, oven temp, convection or not, bake one loaf at a time or many, ingredient brands, etc.  It's more complicated than the several ingredients.  There are many combinations of the parameters to explore.

From here? repeat this, then baguette/batârd shape, try to move away from Baparoma steam tray given its limiting size (one small loaf at a time) - instead using a simple inverted dome moisture trap variant, evolve to sourdough-derived doughs baked like this, maybe explore other fats.

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