Mmmm ... steak.

Mmmm. . . steak.I don't remember what cut I bought last night but it was about $9/lb and I cut it into cubes to marinate in a light barbecue sauce. I've been doing thin steaks lately and I've become darn good at them on my Q. The trick to a steak is knowing how much time it should be grilled rather than going by internal temperature (IT). The IT is probably the best way to get to perfect steak finishing point but, it takes too long to take the temperature, especially on small tips like these. By the a stable reading is achieved, it could be way overcooked.

So, for most steaks about an inch or so thickness, I pre-heat thoroughly (there's a cast iron grill on the "Q") and go 3 minutes a side and finally end it by covering the meat with foil for a good 5 minutes. For the steak tips shown here, although I marinated in barbecue sauce, most of it was lost in the cooking and the meat had a perfect amount left on it. Served with rice and steamed cauliflower and broccoli, it was a perfect meal.