Guest blogger Frankie: On the international appeal of meat and potatoes (and cheese)

Relaxing at her Clintonville ranch, Frankie talks about tonight's casserole and the bigger scene in simple foods.

Not creme de menthe

Me: When did you get the idea to prepare and serve us Tater Tot Casserole?
Frankie: Yesterday at camp (Kids in the Kitchen, OSU's Camp Recky) we made it and split 1 casserole for two tables. We had 2 or 3 tables and 1 piece each and you won't believe how good it is!
Me: How much cheese?
Frankie: A lot! We used the whole bag yesterday.
Me: What goes in first?
Frankie: First the meat, then the tater tots and then cheese and then it's cooked.
Me: Should I cook the meat first?
Frankie: Yes and I'll put it together.
Me: [meat is browned and Frankie places it in an even layer in the baking pan] How many tater tots go on top?
Frankie: Rows of 5 until it's filled, then tons of cheese.
Me: Toss it in the oven.
Frankie: No you, it's too hot for me [I toss it in].
Me: Do French kids eat tater tot casserole?
Frankie [exasperated]: I don't know, and could you make me a bigger lunch for tomorrow?
Me: Peanut butter, jelly then peanut butter?
Frankie: Duh.
Me: Got it.