The Spiced Life (.com)

I've been buying and organizing spices in anticipation of preparing Indian cuisine.  I think my chappathi are adequate (I need to build on a good starch) and I now need to proceed to some recipes from The Spiced Life.  I'm not sure if Laura is Indian, I think not.*

The problem with native Indian authors, and it's not their intention, is their familiarity with the cuisine.  They can't help cut corners on the lengthy preparation or list of spices, too often suggesting an untested substitution.  Perhaps they fear the reader will be intimidated of the world of spices essential to Indian cuisine; consequently,  a chana masala can result in an Italian-themed, tomatoey, saucy chickpea dish.

Contrary to that, @TheSpicedLife describes preparations with great intention. There are rare suggestions for substitution which results in instructions that the non-native among us - striving for authenticity and new flavors, will not fall into a rut of using the same 5 spices & herbs.
I'll probably start with: A Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry, Greens in Kheema and this vegetable curry.  There are many more recipes I can't wait to try (not just Indian!).  Thanks Laura and wish me luck,  I'm going in.

* Staff at webercam.com have confirmed @TheSpicedLife is not an Indian native.