Just Bread, Cheese and Salad Tonight

Nothing big and fancy to show off today; instead, I promote others.

I'm always on the lookout for some tasty new dishes to try and I'm especially excited if they're vegetarian. Veggie dishes are more challenging to make as flavorful as when there's some meat involved. My two favorite cooks on the web today are Deb, who writes: In My Kitchen and Clotilde, who writes: Chocolate and Zucchini.

Looking a bit into my future (next week), I like to try to plan and shop for at least 4-5 dinners so we can get them prepped fast (kid, daycare, commuting, etc.). I recently spotted two vegetarian dishes and have them on deck for next week. Swiss Chard and Chickpea saute (in my kitchen) is one. The sauce made from the cooking water of the Swiss Chard really caught my eye and I look forward to trying it. And, we absolutely love greens.

The other dish we have in the queue is Velvety Lentil Chestnut Soup (Chocolate and Zucchini). Ever since Thanksgiving, when Trish made an absolutely killer chestnut stuffing, I've yearned for more of these delicate morsels and this soup looks like a tasty place to use them.

Thanks to both of you for the great recipes!