The Bomb

A couple weeks ago, I visited my parents and got my fill of the cleavage and nice hair channel FoodTV. Not in my own kitchen at the time, I could only jot down some notes on what I committed to do. Someday that is - after we move.

Not since Molly's waffles (Molly, I'm going to make these someday if it kills me!) have I seen a recipe so decadent. It's from a new guy who calls everything "the bomb". Some hipster term I don't have time to look up. I think it means something good.

He made pork carnitas and the thing that caught my eye was the way he prepared the pork. It was "the bomb". He took a boston butt, ca. 4-5 lbs, and cut it in four chunks. Then he deep fried it in Manteca (ca. 2-3 quarts; a kind of lard, pork-derived I think) heated to approximately 300-deg-F (I'm sure the temp went way below that with all that mass) in a cast iron skillet for about an HOUR. He took it out, let it rest and it pulled beautifully. I was salivating excessively. Before I die, I will cook a pork butt like this. Anyone ever tried this method?