I don't have much to add to this.  I learned of making chicharon from SaucissonMac.  My pics simply validate the procedure and I encourage you to do the same the next time you snag pigskin from The Butcher and Grocer!! (click on any image to enlarge)


After boiling gently in salted water 1.5 hours and then chilled an hour.  See skin is separated from fat.

Shaving fat from skin with a slicer.  Daisy quite interested in the fat to be discarded.

Skin, scraped of fat, placed on a cooling rack over a tray ready to be baked.

Skin dried for about 8 hours at 170F.

chicharon, hot out of the deep  fryer and lightly salted.


mac said...

Thanks for validating!

Dave said...

Your tutorial was great Andrew, thanks!

Jim said...

I would like to be validated........of help validate

Jim said...

of = or