mini molds

Ah, I remember why I don't make brioche much. When I do the final glaze, the glaze drips below the edge of the bread into the loaf pan and makes the bread stick. When a beautiful loaf comes out of the oven, nothing is more anger-provoking than that kind of complication. So, a better mold - a mini too. I like to make small breads to share, especially such rich ones.

I recently tried cupcake wrappers, but these suck for breads, they don't release. Here's my yet untested solution. Wish me luck. Parchment never fails, it always releases a bread. I'm going to line my little muffin trays for the loaves tomorrow morning.

Cool huh!
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Diana H said...

Love the muffin pan tip. Smart way to form the parchment. Kudos.

Dave said...

Thanks Diana. I do lose the nice fluting of a real brioche pan, but it's a compromise that fits for the high speed requirements of weekday morning.