We never waste greens

greensCommon problem: you plant a bunch of greens and suddenly you can't keep up with the green leafies. The just take over.

Our mix this year had a high mustard green content and the resulting salads tended to be hot. Like, horseradish hot. Wicked hot. So, the other day, having a simple meal of ham 'n beans we needed something green. I mowed these babies down, washed them and simply sauteed them using a bit of olive oil and tossed in the leaves still moist from washing. I usually have a couple garlic slivers in the oil but forgot this time and just seasoned them with a bit of salt. I sauteed the vibrant greens for about 10 minutes and were they good. And, a huge batch of fresh greens condense in the pan to a small lump when cooked. Very tasty way to take care of the overgrown garden.

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