The real Dave's Beer

I think most food blogs had their start in hard copy. This is an image of the original and still-used-today notebook where I keep my beer brewing activity. It's the only component of my fermenting empire that hasn't made it to the web.

And, it never will.

For some reason, I enjoy scratching down my beer recipes as I go and keeping notes in a bound notebook where no mistake will ever escape for good. It's a lab notebook in the truest sense of the concept. A place where pages are dated and numbered, mistakes are crossed out such that they can still be read and updated as close to the time the actions occur as possible. There's nothing pretty about a lab notebook, it's about data integrity.

Why not share? I make extract brews and there's a whole class of purists who believe it's a useless pursuit if you don't grow the grain and malt it yourself and I don't have the energy to try to convince them they're wrong nor can I tolerate the undue criticism. So I keep my brewing to myself. I will, however, share the brew. Stop by sometime and have a sip.


Owen said...

Good to encounter another brewer who makes extract beers and isn't ashamed. I like the extract plus a little grain for extra flavor approach myself but extract alone is just fine too. I have realised that my penchant for experimentation can get me in trouble though. My latest batch (just finished fermenting) I left the hops in completely the whole time - no attempt to filter/strain them out. At first I thought I had a bad batch, but now I realise that it just is staggeringly hoppy - that floral bitter thing is overriding the malt almost completely. I know I'll like it but I may be drinking this batch alone...

By the way - about a year ago I approached you about being part of a compilation of online food writing from blogs and you politely declined. The book is at the printers now and will be available toward the end of April. check it out at www.pressforchange.com (or www.tomatilla.com my blog). If it is at ALL successful I will be doing it again with material from Summer 2004 to Summer 2005 - first book is summer 2003 to summer 2004. I would like to invite you to participate again if it comes to pass.

Still jealous of your bread baking - I just CANNOT make a baguette like that

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words Owen and thanks also for that cool observation about the hopps. Kind of interesting.

I'm glad about the book and look forward to it! I'm too into chasing down the toddler now to be involved but maybe someday down the road I'd appreciate being involved. Thanks so much.