Bring your baguette to work day


My baguette isn't just a good bread, it's a staple in our lives. The optimal surface area/volume ratio to get lots of crust and cool down properly in order to work on a weeknight for dinner.

Tomorrow, I'll be picking up the kid from daycare and I'd like to get a bread to the table for bread, salad and cheese night, so I'm packing my things and getting ready to prep the dough just before I launch out of work to daycare. In the bowl is 200 g unbleached white, 100 g of whole grain wheat (ground myself), 2T flax seeds, 1/4 C sunflower seeds and 1t salt. Tomorrow, I'll close my office door briefly and charge the yeast to my dedicated rubbermaid container then dump in my bottle containing 200 g water and 3 g olive oil, give it a stir until it clings in a shaggy mass and take it on the lam.

With the dough in process, I can relax, pick up Frankie, hang out a bit on the playground all the while my bread will be doing it's first rise. When I get in the door, I'll preheat the oven and pop the bread in within a half hour in the door and it should be out about 1 hour after getting in. In time for 6:00 dinner.

This will be a slightly different loaf. The quick baguette recipe with the coarse flour as 1/3 of the flour makeup and some seeds. I'll post a pic of the final loaf. Can't wait.

... the next day

Still some alterations to make due to the increased water absorption properties of the crushed wheat/coarse flour, but a nice loaf. We had a camembert with it as well as a salad with warm lentils over it.

sunflower, flaxseed, wheat baguette


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Lorence said...

Dave, I love fresh good crusty bread. I am so jealous of your breadmaking skills! Dough making just scares the bejeezus out of me. The closest I get is the breadmaker we got as a gift some many years back. ugh.
I'd love to try this, though. Once the dough rises, what next? I mean, before the oven - any kneading, stretching, shaping...remember, I haven't a clue...I do have a stone in the oven though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lorence, I actually don't use a cooking stone for bread, just for pizza. I use a perforated baking pan for baguettes. It's the only way I get a good crust. The best place to start on a good crusty baguette is this recipe/process. We use it almost daily. I'd be thrilled if you wanted to come over for a couple hours on a weekend or something and I'll give you a quick run through (and a tasty treat to bring home). Just email me.