Loot from Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati

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The past week had FAST meals going on. Scallops and couscous with some veggies, leftover lasagna, etc. Nice but nothing blogworthy. Today we decided to get some inspiration, shlep the kid for a 3 h round trip to Jungle Jim's and get some fun things to eat. Didn't get the oh so stinky Dorian though. Wasn't that bold.


Andrew said...

Dave, looks great, thanks for the chili sauce, we owe you big time!

Dave said...

Hey Andrew, the youngest among us prevented us from finding the lefsa bread. I'm really sorry, it just got insane after about an hour and a half of shopping.

I don't know why kids don't like several hours in a super amazing super market.

Andrew said...

Dave-no worries, we're going back to Minnesota in about a month or so, we'll stock up then.

BTW-my in-laws, who are from Singapore, love durian. One day while they were visiting I opened the fridge-there was such a bad odor I thought for sure somethign was rotten. Nope, they had just picked up durian at the Columbus Asian Market. I'll eat pretty much anything, but that stuff scares me!

Unknown said...

I really need to plan another trip to Jungle Jim's. It looks like you had a great take!