IMBB - Leg of Lamb

Finally, my first Is My Blog Burning. We have Trish's brother, Mike staying for the week and decided to have something a bit special. I got this recipe from FoodTV (Bobby Flay). A leg of lamb (shank, 3 lbs) was coated with a mixture of labne (wicked high fat yogurt, deadly good, 2 cups), minced fresh mint (1/2 C), cumin (ground, 1 t), salt and pepper and slathered all over the lamb. It was wrapped in foil tightly and placed in the fridge for about 14 hours and then tossed on the Weber. The Weber was charged with a mixture of charcoal briquettes and lump and the lamb was placed on the grill offset from the heated fuel (indirect grilling, image 1) monitoring both internal temp of the meat (looking for a medium rare temp of 145F) and a dome temp of 380-425F was maintained (see pic 2, two thermocouples used). During the cooking, a monsoon came up and dumped a few inches of rain on us. But the Weber is invincible. After an hour of indirect, I placed the meat over the coals and covered it. After an additional 45 minutes it was pulled (internal 150F) and let it rest tented under foil for 15 minutes. It was carved up and served with roasted potatoes, squash, bread and salad.

The labne "rub" was unusual and gave a splendid charry, crusty bark on the lamb. The only problem is the cut I used was less than perfect. A bit too much fat throughout cutting down on the yield but overall, a nice way to cook lamb.

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