I Win

I know my food preps are either too simple or too tedious to have any broad appeal to be nominated in The Floggies, so I'm going to nominate myself and give myself the honor of winning in the Too Simple or Too Tedious Food Blog category of 2004.

I'll be spending my $20.04 that I paid myself tonight on a bottle or two of Chimay.

And, if there were a Lifetime Achievement Food Blog award, KIP should get it.

Thank you all!


Anthony said...

Hey that's quitter talk but any reason to buy Chimay is a good one. And perhaps nows a good time to say that I'm a wee bit jealous by your focussed and meticulous approach to bread.

Anonymous said...

I read you like montana sapphire flour. I can't find it in TN, but have a family recipe that calls for it. I saw in your blog it has 10% w/w protein. what other ingrediants does it have? does it say what type wheat? I'm trying to find a close substitute.
apoligize if Im voilating blogetiquette, yours is the first Ive been to.
...very interesting to read of your journey with bread

Dave said...

Hey Anthony,
Nah, I'm just jealous when it comes to pop contests. Maybe it is just a good excuse for Chimay. Thanks for the comment though.

Dave said...

These specific flours just aren't available anywhere so I'd take your best shot with your favorite unbleached white. I really like MS but don't object to any others (except King Arthur's Unbleached). And don't worry about jumping in for a comment, this isn't newsgroups after all, those are mean places. Food bloggers are a kinder group.

Anonymous said...

thanks!, do you mean the sapphire brand is no longer available anywhere? can you recommend a substitute?

Anonymous said...

p.s I see you like a bit of bbq... I lurk on this site, great knowledge base on bbq


Dave said...

Hey again Phil, I used to like to go to alt.food.barbecue on google groups for bbq information but that forum is quite an exclusive little group. If you bottom post or top post improperly or if you're not speaking on topic "enough", they gang up on you and get pretty mean. Seems like a bunch of 13 year old girls over there. Too bad because they seem pretty knowledgeable. Thanks for the link though.