Deep Dish Help

The other night on FoodTV, I saw this episode of Unwrapped on Deep Dish Pizza. I was so salivating. I saw one prep by a pizza guy (business) in Chicago who built this pizza in the following order:

-dough in a cake-like pan slightly up the sides
-slices of mozzarella
-sausage raw!
-tomato sauce
-Reggiano with some oregano
-baked for 20 minutes (didn't say the temp - I'm guessing around 400F)

Two things have me baffled. The type of pan. It looked silver on the portion the pizza touched and blackened from use everywhere else => where do I get one of these? And, raw sausage?

Anyone have any good - tested - preps for Chicago-style deep dish pizza?

I got an itch and I'll be taking the plunge this weekend. Leave any assistance in the comments. Thanks. I'll save you a piece.


Anonymous said...

Dave - You seem surprised with raw sausage?

In my younger days I worked in a few kitchens, and raw sausage was the norm at every resturant I worked at. However, pizza delivery places (Dominos, Pizza Hut, etc.) all used cooked sausage.

However, I have always saw the sausage on top of the pie.

Guy said...

Yeah, raw sausage. You bet. Most commercial pizza ovens should be over 500 degrees, traditional coal or wood fired would be upwards of 900. HOT BABY !!! Another thing I can't do at home.
I'm hungry, what's for lunch?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Gotta check on the temps, maybe higher would be better but this is thick; almost lasagna-like. I'm afraid if the temp's too hot, it'll burn the outside before the inside gets cooked.

And the raw sausage? I guess it's ok, I've just always cooked it first. Should be a fun expt. Maybe Sunday.