Can I get a simple breakfast in Columbus that's healthy and inexpensive?

simple b'fastThis morning I was puzzled by what to serve for breakfast. Tired of cereal and we've eaten out too much lately. I went shopping around 6 this morning, just in time to get the usual shitty choice of Giant Eagle produce. Wanting to stay close to home to get the food backfired again.

Trying to make the best of it, I got some strawberries, d'anjou pears and a few bananas; standard year 'round choices. We also had some Mrs. Davesbeer's famous cinnabon rolls - much better than the real thing. In a few minutes I had diced up the strawberries and sweetened them with a trace of sugar, soaked the sliced pears in a bit of acidulated, sweetened water to keep them crisp and bright, tossed a few small banana slices in and some grapes. A nice balance for our decadent treat of the cinnamon roll.

Pretty mediocre meal but nice, simple and really inexpensive. So, my question is, Why can't I find anything like this in Columbus? Northstar has wonderful food, but a light meal for 3 is about $20-$30. Clearly for the child-free or 150-200K demographic. Other establishments give toxic fruit servings stinging with citric acid saturation and days old or, if it's fresh, a couple crappy pieces of greenish melon - yeah, that's Panera's $3.50 "fruit" cup. I don't hate the standard fatty b'fast fare. I like it too much. I just can't figure out why we can't get something like what I served inexpensively.

Please leave any tips in the comments - thanks.


Anonymous said...

I rarely venture out for breakfast for this very reason. As I try to eat healthier, the choices get fewer.

I like Giant Eagle produce. I've seen a big improvement in the quality over the last several months. I don't know what I'm missing that they don't offer :P

Dave said...

Hey Betty,
This situation makes the teeny bit of entrepreneur in me itch. Tons of low rent places on Indianola would be prime locations. Unfortunately, small business owners are slaves to their business. Oh well, maybe a more energetic health nut is reading.

Also, I'm harsh on GE, they're getting better on their produce. I think it's unfortunate the Dublin store on Sawmill is so much better (huge range of greens, loose and packaged) and some of the fuzzy strawberries would never show up on their display.

We stopped going out for breakfast for the most part as well. I still give into Panera once in a while when I get lazy.