Saucisson sec

pork butt from Weilands, ground using a coarse die

seasoned, stuffed and pierced for drying

basement conditions, don't know why icon man is so sad
3 weeks 'til dinner


Mike said...

Nice! We've had great success making Saucisson Sec. Are you using the recipe from Charcuterie?

Dave said...

Hey Mike, yes, Ruhlman rules. Did you post any pics? I had a bad run a year ago, but I had hardly any practice with grinding and stuffing. Everything so far went well.

Mike said...

Yes, we have a few pictures here. Hope yours turns out well this time!

Dave said...

Hey Mike, I thought you were another Mike (from Another Pint Please). Those look good, do they ever get mold on 'em when you make them? I tried to comment on your site but had some trouble with the comment window.