spent grain bread

Recent activities here at the ranch have conspired to yield me a bunch of unused grain.  Malted barley and rye are particularly abundant.  Here's a way to use a little of the extra (stored in the freezer, it ferments fast!).

water, 300 g
veg oil, 10 g
sugar, 10 g
yeast, Fleischmann's fast, pkt
unbleached white, Montana Sapphire 220 g
whole wheat, Stutzmann Farms, 50 g
hydrated spent grain, barley/rye 30 g
sunflower seeds, roasted 30 g
rolled oats, 30 g
flax seed, 30 g

Straight dough method, divided dough in two pieces, shaped and proofed as boules, baked 400F for about 40 minutes.

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