"natural" peanut butter

I'm a Jif super crunch guy. I lived on it during grad school. Almost everyday, lunch was a quick sandwich at my desk. When I'm not eating the maligned processed peanut butters, I love the peanut butters made before my eyes with peanuts ground in the hopper before my eyes. The style/peanut-crunching-machines are in most fancy supermarkets. The peanut butter has got great texture, doesn't separate for a long time, about a few weeks and tastes great.

Today's question: Why does each and every "natural," no additive peanut butter taste like shit and absolutely nothing like the stuff crushed just prior to eating? Sorry locals, even @KremaNutCompany. The pre-ground peanut butters have some texture, kind of runny, separated and above all, the deal breaker, with a bitter aftertaste?

Machine mashed before my eyes...yum.

Leading "natural" brand, runny, icky, bitter.


Alex said...

I have to assume it's a shelf life issue. We make our own peanut butter in the food processor. It's so simple I don't know why anyone would buy off the shelf PB. Even when we take a month or two to finish off a batch it never tastes bad.

Dave said...

Hey Alex, Maybe that's it. I have to spend more time with their labels and check out an expiration date. Interesting on the food processor! I love using the store machines, reminds me of soft serve ice cream.

Alex said...

The kids at home enjoy dumping the peanuts in and making the food processor chop them up. Good fun for all. You can easily get 16oz of peanuts for $2.50 at the store but some how PB costs $4 a jar.