Trish jumped into the action this past Saturday with a nifty treat. From the Better Homes and Gardens book, she made doughnuts (or donuts, whatever). Pretty easy recipe. Yeah, they're deep fried but we had a couple people over to help eat the goods even though we really wanted to finish them ourselves. Frankie even ate a piece.

In the donut spectrum of krispy creme glazed on one end and a kind of hard cake-like on the other, these came in closer to the krispy kreme end. Kind of soft but slightly crispy on the outside and very tender inside. We just coated them with a little sugar and cinnamon. I tried to get a crunchier exterior by frying one a bit longer (that one in the front slightly to the right) but it just got darker, not crunchier. Anyway, a success. Not exactly healthy enough to do too much, but a lot of fun once in a while.