Survival - The Brainless Meal

Girl's gotta eat just posted a simple recipe of Lentils and Rice as a meal that requires little thought. It sounds good and thought I'd contribute my own recipe for a busy schedule. We're having it tonight. It's pasta based of course. It's a dish of greens, pasta, sausage, nuts and raisins.

Greens, sausage, pasta, nuts, raisins, etc.
1. Cook half pound of pasta, strain, reserve.
2. In a large skillet, saute sausage (ca. 1/2 lb, italian).
3. Add greens to skillet (tonight will be swiss chard, but in a pinch we used bagged mixed greens)
4. Saute greens a bit, add some water and cover till they steam and wilt.
5. Add nuts and raisins (pine nuts are best).
6. Add reserved pasta (gemelli is good for this).
7. Finally, season with salt and pepper and serve.

If the greens are prepped, the enitre meal, including cooking the pasta is about 20 minutes. Maybe I'll add a pic tonight.

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