The Weber_cam's been slow lately. Jobs, daycare, commuting, utilitarian meals - not been easy and not much extra time for fun cooking. Last night though, I watched Alton Brown do one of the most skillful preparations I have ever seen and just wanted to have a link here for it so I'll have the details when I get around to it. And I will. It's a galette. A free form fruit tart. The fat incorporated into the flour was a combination of room temperature butter and very cold butter (one for tenderness and one for flakiness). And the way he incorporated water, a small bit at a time followed by the bread-making equivalent of an autolyse, a rest in the fridge in which hydration of the flour would take place to minimize the water needed. It was masterful. The filling was decadent too, pears and blueberries, cooked a bit with some sweetener, allowed to cool and baked in this tart. Alton is a god.

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