The North End

This past weekend the family and I trekked to Boston to Frankie's Nona and Grandpa's house to attempt to fatten up the little tyke. Whenever we go to Boston, we undoubtedly take a walk through the North End of Boston, weaving in and out of the streets off Hanover and usually make a quick stop at Modern Pastry for Torrone. I once got an urge to make this, but when I have theirs, I savor it so much, I'd rather not ruin the experience by making it too common. Then we stroll around the corner to J. Pace & Sons market; a collection of food finds in the North End. Unfortunately, it was Good Friday and closed. We finished our walk with a leisurely stroll through Faneuil Hall, just in case we didn't nibble enough, and finally back on the T. We never get tired of that area of Boston and I think Frankie likes it too.