My few minutes of fame.

See me on Weber Nation. I'm Dave from Columbus. TV spots start Monday.


Molly said...

Dave, you're a national food-science star! Love the t-shirt you're wearing in the spot, too. Congrats!

Dave said...

Thanks Molly, it's good to have a fan.

By the way, my wife suggested we fast from fats for a straight week so we can take the plunge and have those shortbread waffles. I salivate excessively just thinking about them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave - Catherine (from Catherine & Jay of Weber Nation 'fame' if you will) :-) Loved your 3 minute spot. Is that rib recipe of yours somewhere on this site that I haven't found yet? I just stumbled upon your site doing a search for "Weber Nation"... We also have a Weber kettle and my husband really wants to try your technique. :) - Cat (aka Catherine)

Dave said...

Hey Cat,
Thanks for stopping by. You guys did a nice job too. I had a blast but still haven't seen the TV version. Kind of exciting.

Anyway, the link to the ribs is:
http://davesbeer.com/weber_cam/2004/05/mmmm-ribs.html. Let me know if you need any assistance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin,

Your looking good on TV. I almost fell off my chair when I saw you.

Then my twin brother called-Vin-all excited-he saw you too.

At least someone in the family is getting national attention.
Cousin, Joe

Dave said...

Hey Joe,
I still haven't seen it. I think it's on around Frankie's bathtime.

Anonymous said...

I've never liked Weber Grills. I love you're blog Dave but i recomend you check this site out: http://www.webbernation.com/