Intermittent efforts

Like many bloggers who are lucky enough to find themselves chasing down a 2 year old, my experimental food projects have taken a lower priority indicated by my frequency of posting. I'll always enjoy experimentation in the kitchen but haven't had the time to do as many of these experiments nor assemble the outcome for presentation here (I frequently fall asleep about a minute after Frankie). This is just a note to say, I'll be getting back to it soon, but when I get a chance.

On queue: I'd like to share my mega granola recipe (Frankie loves granola); this is utilitarian and good. I'm going to use my oven to try to make some sweetened, dried sour cherries from a neighbor (trick is how to sweeten them?). I'm totally into flax seeds lately - more with them later ...

In the meantime, I've been logging my food shots for recipes already covered on flickr. It's a good repository for me to put photos of stuff I do routinely but aren't worth a blog entry.

Hope you're all enjoying the Summer!


Guy said...

Amen to that brother. I got 2 boys, 5 & 10. And just because they can wipe their own butts don't mean it don't take a lot of effort making it flow. I'm surprised I can do what I do.

I got some juicy stuff for ya though. Check this out, went on a BBQ Joint crawl last Saturday and ended up at Memphis Minnie's in SF. Bob Kantor, owner and Que Ninja, uses nothing but GREEN WHITE OAK in the smoker. Unseasoned pally boy and his food is right at the top so far. I haven't had better. He says the creosote situation is all about cumbustion. Don't over-load with wood and says the green wood combusts better and lasts longer.
Ain't that somethin'?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for relaying that information. And, by the way, I saw those containers 'o chips you mentioned a while ago. Just tear 'em open and toss 'em on.

So overloading seems to be the key. Just a small smoldering lump would seem to do the trick, whether it's preburned or green. Cool! Thanks again.

Back to chasin' the kid.

Molly said...

Dave, I'd love to see your granola recipe. But don't worry, I'll wait patiently...

Dave said...

Hey Molly,
Can't wait to share. After the family vacation and a week it might be up.