Kale, sausage, gmelli, pine nuts, raisins & grilled cheese (and my failure to give my daughter a nutritious meal)

Kale, sausage, gmelli, pine nuts, raisins & grilled cheeseThe other night, I had prepared a favorite of ours. Kale, braised with a touch of garlic for a couple hours, combined with toasted pine nuts, gmelli, sauteed Italian sausage and raisins with a healthy dose of olive oil. A good hearty meal for a cold night.

Instead of trying to get this meal past Frankie, I caved like a sopping-wet piece of cardboard and just made her a grilled cheese so I could enjoy my meal without a 40 minute negotiation session on eating a couple bites of the meal.

It worked, but I still feel the guilt.

Original recipe for this dish. Enjoy.


Lisa the Waitress said...

If I remember correctly, grilled cheese sandwiches provide a complete protein. Did that salve your guilt a little bit?

And don't worry, when I was little I wouldn't eat anything. Except crackers, meat and potatoes. I grew up just fine and healthy and actually now I'll eat anything.

By the way, the adult portion of the dinner looks great - that's a favorite in the Widow household as well.

Dave said...

Hey Lisa,

That feels a little better, thanks. That grilled cheese thing kills me when we eat such interesting foods. Gotta get over it I guess. Frankie has a real chef at her daycare. He told me the under 2 yrs set is MUCH more adventurous but when they're about 2 1/2 to 5, they get fixed into this cheese, milk, bread mindset that sticks around quite a while. I should be grateful she LOVES pulled pork and hummous.

This dish is supposed to be made with Swiss Chard which is much less robust and, frankly, tastes a little better in this combination, but I couldn't resist the kale all cleaned and chopped in the bag at the grocery store and gave it a shot. Tough to tenderize though. It was still pretty nice. If I made it again, I'd go with the chard or better, rapini (my favorite veggie of all).

Guy said...

Oh criminy, you're killing me, quiddit. Grilled cheese is an awesome meal. Chilrens really enjoy those simple things, clearly.

I feel bad when I come home more tired than I can bear and ordering pizza from a local chain. At least you prepared something fresh and tasty!