dueling Webers

dueling webers
behold the beauty (click through for annotations on image)
Been a couple days now and I'm still hanging my head in shame.

I don't know exactly what happened, but the ribs sucked. They cooked a long time, but they tasted a bit tough and a bit underdone - even though it would be impossible for them to underdone. Temps never got better 270 and hung about 240 most of the 6 hour cook. I'm thinking I stacked the grill too much. Not enough room between the half racks to properly render while cooking.

On the other side, the pork shoulder and chicken were fine. Just tainted from the bad rib run.

Agony of defeat.


Big Momma said...

You need to link to some dueling banjo music....

I am now hungry. My butt is cursing you because it can't deal with the excess calories!

Andrew said...

This may be herasey, but I generally avoid making ribs-they are pretty tempermental, and even when they turn out right, they can't hold a candle to a good pulled pork sandwhich (virtually fullproof), at least in my opinion!

Unknown said...

I've been tempted to try doing beef ribs on the grill like this - but now I am kinda worried...

Dave said...

Well, I've recovered a bit.

Big Momma, gotta splurge once in a while.

Andrew and Rosie. I've actually never had a bad rib run. It's GOT to be the overcrowding preventing the proper rendering of the fat. I did use another rub, but rubs are pretty similar. I usually cook about 2-4 half slabs at a time.

I did use the Carolina bbq sauce from Charcuterie and it is incredible. And, Rosie, I'm also considering a meatier rib like pork country or beef country ribs. I just need a bit more time to heal.

meathenge said...

Hey mang,

Feh, don't sweat it. You can over-crowd the grill or smoker, you just gotta turn/flip more often. I recently attended a party put on by my most favorite butcher of all time. He's got one of those dumb off-set smoker, brinkman rigs? You know the one, everyone has? He did 12 slabs at a time, no shit. Man, they were absolutely amazing. Tender, juicy and just what you'd expect. Marinated with only salt the day before. Or slip a slice of potato or two between the slabs so the heat & smoke can travel.