New Weber Kettle Mod coming soon

tossing dough
A friend invited us for pizza the other night. They had a real live pizza oven. It was 800°F once fired up. I have found a new obsession.

I have started sketching out ideas for a modified Weber Kettle so I too can have a domed pizza oven that can achieve 800°F. That's pretty frigging hot. I'm not even sure if the old reliable kettle is spec'd for that kind of temperature, but we'll see. With my home oven running at 550 and convection, I can get 600 pretty steady. The extra 200 is going to be challenging. Keep you posted when I get some pilot data.

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Andrew said...

Nice form, I give you a 9.5/10. I love the modified Weber idea, let me know if you need some help.

Thanks again for all the great pizza, too bad we weren't there when they called OHIO!