Action shot

action shot, originally uploaded by Seligmans Dog.

The quick version of my kettle long slow burn solution:
1. bunch of briquettes banked on the side for indirect
2. light a few on top (I use a propane torch)
3. bottom vent barely open
4. top vent ca. 1/4 open
=> For 40 or so briquettes, easily 7-10 hours

In this shot, I'm using magnets to shut down 3/4 of the top vent. Tonight, we eat. Anyone know best internal for brisket?


mac said...

Sorry, I tuned in late. How was Dinner? I had a spinach salad. For brisket I shoot for 190F. Where did you end up?

Dave said...

Hey Mac (and Andrew if you're watching). Was fine, I stopped around 185-190 and wrapped til dinner (about an hour). I cooked 200F for 12 hours and turned it up to 240F for 5 hours. I think it was a tad overkill on how slow it went, I was just glad to not have to wake up for fiddling in the middle of the night. I did have to get up at 4 for the dog, but that's a whole other story.

It was sublime. Got a pic to post tonight. Very moist, very good. I was in heaven. Brisket's a challenge, but I still like a pork shoulder better.

Andrew said...

Sounds like your method is working well. I gotta agree, I prefer pulled pork to brisket as well.