Boil n bake honey wheat bagels

That's more like it.

milk, 1/2 C
water, 1/2 C
yeast, instant active, 1 pkg
salt, 1.5 t
honey, 1/4 C
white wheat flour, 1 C
unbleached white, 2 C
handful of rolled oats

Straight dough, overnight in the fridge. Warm up a couple hours, portion into 80 gram pieces, roll into ca. 7" ropes, curl into loops, let rest about 10 minutes, boil in 3 qts water/1/4 C honey for 1 minute, bake at 450°F for about 15 minutes. Yum.

Calories, about 200 each (w/o cream cheese).


Unknown said...

Wow...very nice. Your baking skills continue to impress!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

funny story - i refused to pay $2.50 for bagels so i made them at home. however i used the microwave "kitchen timer" while they were resting for 15 mins... only it wasnt on "kitchen timer" .. it was on high. set microwave on fire - yes actual flames. those stupid bagels ended up costing me $75. dang....

Dave said...

That's frigging hilarious (but, I'm sorry - honest). Thanks for sharing!